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Hey Leo! It’s your birthday girl!

From 23rd July to 22nd August it’s all about you!

It will come as no surprise that Leo ladies are known for being super sassy, passionate and proud. Which makes total sense since you share your birthday month with the likes of JLO, Madonna and Cara Delevingne. You ladies are party starters and wherever you go, your tribe will follow… so we have no doubt that your birthday will be filled with fun, laughter and good vibes!

In honour of your big day, we’ve put together a special Leo edit encompassing everything you need to enjoy your birthday month.

Leo ladies are super vibrant and love to wear bright colours to match their personalities. Not ones to be forgotten, they like to express themselves through personal style and aren’t afraid to make a statement. And we’ve got the perfect piece to make it in:

With your star sign falling across the summer months, it’s no surprise that you ladies are worshippers of the sun. And with holiday season in full swing, we bet you’ve got something hot planned! So why not treat yourself to a brand-new swimming costume for the beach? We’ve got the perfect one for you…

Leos are super generous and fiercely loyal, meaning that you’re never without your pride of close friends. And if there’s one thing that you guys love to do it’s party together! Here’s the perfect dress for you to dance the night away in:

Another trait that Leos are famous for is their tendency to act like royalty. Much like your feline friends, you are a born leader and expect to be treated as such. And with that in mind, we’ve got the perfect nightwear for you…

Enjoy your month lionesses!

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