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Happy Birthday Capricorn


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Happy birthday Capricorn ladies!

From 22nd December to 19th January it’s all about you!

Capricorns are known for being responsible, family orientated individuals who take their values very seriously. They are good at turning their hand to practical tasks and make excellent craftsmen. As a Capricorn, you share you birthday with some seriously strong women, including Kate Moss, Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton… so as far as we’re concerned you’re practically royalty!

To celebrate your big day we’ve put together a unique Capricorn edit, including everything you need to make the most of your birthday.

Capricorns often reach high places in their careers as they are particularly ambitious, plus their responsible and reliable personalities make them excellent managers. Make sure that you’re dressed the part this month with this super sophisticated blazer.

You’re always super busy with a never ending to-do list. Why not take some time to relax over your birthday month? This pair of PJs are perfect for chilling out and watching movies!

Capricorns are extremely family orientated people who hold their loved ones close, so we assume that you’ll be spending your birthday with your nearest and dearest! Here’s the perfect party dress to make you feel extra special on your birthday:

You appreciate the material things in life, and never say no to a little bit of sparkle. Why not dress up your birthday look with this necklace?

Enjoy your birthday month ladies!