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Guest Post: Shape Up by Stacey!


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Hey, I’m Stacey and I’m a customer service advisor for Yours Clothing. I’ve been with the company for a little over 7 months and I’m certainly enjoying it.

Fashion and shopping is always something I’ve enjoyed, after all don’t all girls? Within my role getting to speak with all of the customers is great; I enjoy being the link between you and the company. Finding out what you really think and how we can then make the online shopping experience as easy and as appealing for you as possible is important to the Yours Clothing family. It’s a friendly place to work and we’re often smiling; and we endeavour to pass on the positivity to you all and keep you happy, after all that is the key.

In the short time that I have been a member I’ve picked up how versatile the clothes need to be for us all to wear and feel comfortable in, after all we’re not all models. So I’ve written a short introduction on how I think you can get the the clothes that best suit you and get you looking as glam as you should always feel.

Live fashion Love Yours x


Don’t you just hate the phrase ‘plus size’, makes us sound abnormal, and just remains as a reminder that we’re that bit bigger. But then again, great things come with that bit more – like those choccy bars with the free 20% extra; clearly much better than the standard; actually who would choose the standard over that? That’s how I’m gonna see myself – all the fun and tastiness of a ‘normal’ size with that irresistible bit more. In fact I’m feeling better already!

Ok so we all admit to having those lumps, bumps and wobbly bits, but not all of these ‘spare tyres’ sit in the same places. Yes, the vehicles that carry them are as luxurious and as appealing as ever (if not more so); but some of us carry the weight up top, around the middle or even in the boot. So let’s have a look at what great styles we have that can have you looking and feeling like a brand new model, fresh out of the showroom.

I guess the most logical place to start is to determine which body shape we each fall in to. Don’t worry if you’re not sure, a rough idea can be a good starting point. You can then pick and choose the most flattering items and avoid the ‘oh no…what was I thinking’ scenario which has happened to all of us…even those celebrities; why else would they include the worse dressed bit in all those important magazines. What we’re aiming for are the Facebook ‘likes’ and comments at the bottom of the photos; A far cry from the raised eyebrows and long pauses when you ask the inevitable question to someone ‘how do I look?’

So I have divided the shapes in to 4 rough categories: heavenly hourglass, succulent strawberry, appealing apple and perfect pear. I’m sure if you ask those celebrity ‘style guru’s’ they’ll chime in with lots more shapes. But I really can’t be bothered to get a tape measure and work out whether my chest is 1 inch bigger than my waist, and whether that makes me a ‘cello’ or a ‘goblet’- neither of which sound particularly flattering.

The classic heavenly hourglass basically means that you have curves girl- embrace them, flaunt them and make the most of them, as this shape is the one that all girls dream of having. So clothes which synch in at the waist, which is your smallest part are gonna look great. Choose tops with lots of shape, nothing that ‘hangs’. Pencil skirts and fitted jackets for tailored smart look, and bootleg jeans and trousers will define your lovely shape.

The succulent strawberry figure means that you may have broader shoulders and more ‘up top’. Remember many girls wish for what you have naturally and so make the most of it. You could even see it as saving money; money saved from a potential enhancement if you were smaller; your ‘savings’ can then be spent on shoes, bags and chocolate. The key is balance with your frame. Keep the patterns and fabrics simple and not fussy up top, as you make end up looking like your trapped in an upside cone. The on trend bold prints and shaped skirts are ideal for you, as are wider trousers and hareems.

Perhaps you’re a perfect pear shape, which means you’re the opposite of those strawberry’s and carry your weight in your hips, thighs and bottom. Darker colours on your bottom half are great when teamed with bolder prints and patterns on your top half. Also dresses and clothes which are fitted at the waist will really show off your shape, and wrap style tops will only compliment your build.

Alternatively you could be an appealing apple. This is where your weight is mostly around your middle. Your thinnest area is just under bust, and so a top that is fitted there or can be teamed with a belt there will be perfect. Aim for lighter less fussy materials which can float over those bumps and give you a real flattering shape. Also wider trousers and skirts will balance out your shape, but don’t wear baggy on top and bottom at the same time; otherwise we’ll lose you in swarms of fabric.

You may have noticed that I have been a bit vague, this isn’t laziness, and it’s intentional. At the end of the day I could recommend clothes and styles with strict ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’, but you may still think the items are horrible or just ‘not you’, and that’s ok. I simply advise that you try and compliment your body, in your own way, and with your own style. Wear what you feel comfortable and happy in. After all if you look ‘good’ but don’t like it and so are walking around like you’ve been slapped with some soggy lettuce leaves, your hardly gonna be leading with your head held high; So like what you wear, and wear what you like.

If you’d like to contact me, then you can email me here – I can’t wait to hear from you!

Lots of love,