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Guest blogger Frivolous Mama reviews Maternity Wear


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Bump It Up – Plus Size Maternity Wear from Yours Clothing | Frivolous Mama

This week we have a guest blog from the beautiful mama-to-be Elena a.ka. Frivolous Mama. Here she gives a detailed review of our new and exciting maternity range Bump It Up. Enjoy!

When I was pregnant with Aneurin I had precisely one pair of cropped jeans, two pairs of leggings, two tops and one maxi dress on rotate. Most of the tops and the dress ended up with food stains over the bump because my usual bib-acting boobs suddenly didn’t have the gravitational pull they once did and apparently, I could not shovel food in my face fast enough. The jeans had holes in the stretchy band where my long nails had poked through on particular warm days when I had to hoik them up over my sweaty thighs. And the maxi dress wasn’t maxi at all but rather awkward-midi. For someone who loved clothes and once had a large wardrobe to choose from, it was a bit rubbish.

Plus size maternity wear in the UK is as precious as gold dust. Before now there were only two places I could buy maternity clothes over a size 22, one affordable but basic, one over-priced and yawn inducing and both only available online which meant I spent a lot of time going back and forth to the post office.

Imagine my delight when one of my favourite plus size retailers, Yours Clothing, announced they were bringing out a new plus size maternity range adorably entitled Bump It Up! We hadn’t announced we were expecting when they shared the news so I couldn’t publicly reveal my joy but there was a lot of jumping up and down with glee in private (followed by a sit down and some deep breathing through the movement induced nausea…).

With the range being part of Yours I knew there would be some genuinely stylish gems and I wasn’t disappointed at all. They’ve got a solid line of basics such as some marvellous over-the-bump leggings, long sleeved tops and camis with secret support. Each of them come in at least two colours and the leggings are available in three different lengths, two of which have the added touch of lace hems.


As well as the basics they’ve got a lovely range of tunics, waterfall cardigans, maxi skirts, cute printed tees and a variety of dresses including two beautiful lace occasion dresses. They’re adding new bits every few weeks, the latest of which include jeggings, a kimono and this pretty navy and peach floral dress. For the time being the range is only available online but having spoken to my local Yours store the manager seems hopeful they may bring a few bits in store too.


Poglet and I were sent a few bits to try out and we were very impressed! It can be tempting with maternity wear to size up but I tried everything in my usual size 24 and it was spot on. The incredibly comfy maternity leggings are the perfect length and fit right up over my bump with room for it to grow whilst the waterfall cardigan drapes round my bump beautifully. The quality of the clothing is just as high as the regular Yours range and both items have held up really well having been washed a couple of times already.


I was also sent a maxi dress but haven’t worn it yet as there was a little excess bump room so I’ll be keeping that for when Poglet is a bit bigger. Being 5ft 8 with ridiculously long legs maxi dresses are almost always more midi on me. However, this one actually touched the tops of my feet! I was so pleased I had a lovely swishing about session in front of the mirror! I’ll definitely be getting this in every colour ready for the sweaty summer months.

I’m really looking forward to bringing you more plus size and pregnant outfit posts over the coming months. Since Aneurin died I feel like I’ve fallen out of love with fashion, it just doesn’t hold the same joy for me anymore. Whether that will come back, I have no idea but for now I’m really enjoying embracing the changes my body is going through and it’s wonderful having clothing that actually fits and makes me feel good.

Do you hear that Yours? That is the sound of thousands of pregnant plus size women breathing a sigh of relief and blowing grateful kisses in your direction!


Mrs D x