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Guest Blog- Nancy’s day at the Hayley Hasselhoff Photoshoot


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Hi there lovely ladies! It’s Nancy here, usually I write about plus size fashion at my blog but today I’m here with a guest post about the fabulous day I spent in London with some of the Yours team after winning a contest they held a couple of months ago. I was lucky enough to be the winner and so was invited to come along to the photo shoot with Hayley Hasslehoff to help out and record the behind the scenes antics on the day!


It was a bright and early start to the day and so one of the first things we did after I had met the lovely Jacqs, Laura and Charlotte at Kings Cross was zip across London to the venue for the shoot and head off in search of coffee! This was lovely as I got a chance to get to know the lovely ladies I’d be helping and the plan of action for the day. When we got back to the venue we headed through a courtyard and up some stairs and into the most gorgeous factory conversion loft I’ve ever seen, we headed straight for the dressing room and began unpacking and preparing all the clothes setting them into the five different themes we had for the day. I helped with unpacking and untagging and even had a go on the steamer that gets creases out – I want one of those for at home!


Hayley arrived and we spent a nice five minutes being introduced before she popped into hair and make-up, I also managed to be of help here holding rollers and we had a nice chat about the history of Yours Clothing which was ever so interesting, it was great to learn how the company started and how it has grown into the amazing brand it is today! When the first look was complete we went straight into the photos and the work really began… As you’ve seen from the photos Hayley is just beautiful and showed off all the clothes at their best. The outfits were all fabulous, so fabulous in fact that I was drawn to pieces I wouldn’t normally go for in real life like trousers and tunic tops – it was great to see how the stylists had planned each outfit and I definitely took away some tips and ideas for new ways to style up clothes that I already have in my wardrobe. The day whizzed by as we had so much fun with Dan the photographer and his team and it was amazing to watch how Hayley posed and positioned herself for the camera, she knew all the best angles and great fun poses that worked perfectly for the looks we were trying to achieve – it was great to hear her talk about how much she loved some of the pieces she was wearing too!


We ended the day shooting the very glamorous evening wear pieces and with us all eating lots of sweeties from a giant bowl the caterers had bought in before hopping in our taxi to get us back to the station. It was a really lovely day and I can’t thank Yours enough for inviting me. Everyone was so kind and sweet and it was amazing to see Hayley and Dan work as well as to get so many tips from the makeup artist and the Yours girls – I can’t wait to see them all again sometime soon. Thank you Yours – it’s safe to say that it’s not only Hayley that loves you, so do I!