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Guest blog – Amy at our Leed’s store opening


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What a brilliant weekend I’ve had spent at the Leeds store opening handing out balloons, vouchers, goodie bags and giving out style advice to the customers. WOW I was so impressed it really stood out as one of the top stores in the centre with its fabulous new graphics and window displays. The customers were so happy that YOURS had come to their town. Excited was an understatement of how they were feeling as they dashed into the store to buy what they wanted and it got so busy. Us curvy ladies should be so proud to shop in there.

Yours have the most amazing selection of items available in all the sizes us ladies would want. On the bottom floor is all the fabulous limited collection items teamed by colour to give us the full choice of matching outfits. There is also a stunning jewellery stand and brilliant photographics to really give us a idea of what’s on trend.

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If you head upstairs on the escalator there is a huge shoe wall and a large selection of casual day wear, night wear and underwear. The store really does cater for every occasion. It even has a huge wall of positive quotes so you will be leaving feeling amazing about yourself.

The staff were so helpful and friendly they really made mine and the customers day a special one. They all looked on trend wearing the latest styles and knew so much about what’s in store and key items for the season. So if your struggling to find something pop in and have a fabulous shopping experience. Even trying on outfits is now fun in the new beautiful, glamorous fitting rooms with the chandeliers and stunning wallpaper teamed with pink. It’s truly a girls dream.

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I had so many compliments on the items I was wearing and I loved chatting to the customers about what they had brought and what they thought of the new store. It definitely sounds like YOURS is number 1 on their list of plus size retailers for style and price and will be coming back very soon for more shopping.

So if your off to Leeds pop in the store and check it out and don’t forget to press the “looking fabulous” button to add an extra bit of sparkle to your day.

Happy shopping and love YOURS Amy xxx
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