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Emma Haslam – BGT contestant


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Hi Ladies! My name is Laura and I am the Head Photographer for Yours Clothing.

I am sure you have all seen that we recently shot with the beautiful Emma Haslam, the Britain’s Got Talent pole dancer contestant. After watching her Audition a few weekends ago I thought to myself, ‘Wow, what an inspiration’ she looked so confident in herself and had such talent. To no surprise as soon as I walked into Head Office Monday morning she was the hot topic and of course we snapped her straight up. Within days I had arranged to meet with Emma at her Studio in Derby to photograph herself in our clothing.

Myself, my assistant Sarah and the lovely Alanna our Hair and Make-up artist set off nice and early to make our way to Derbyshire where we were greeted by Emma at her amazing pole dancing studio. She was so enthusiastic and loved posing on the pole in our clothes. Of course she looked great in every outfit and we worked together to get the perfect shots such as below.

emma haslam2


Products left to right: Floral Playsuit 49645, Floral Kimono 49846, Floral Skater Dress 49524, Black Heels 46055

Shooting in a studio surrounded by mirrors was somewhat a challenge. Sarah and I spent some time testing the lighting and re-arranging the studio a little to move things out of the reflections. We did have a little practice on the poles whilst preparing the perfect lighting and angles for when Emma was out of hair and make-up. – We definitely ached the next day and we don’t know how Emma does it!

It was an amazing day and I couldn’t wait to bring the Images back to head office, everyone loved them and the Images were soon picked up by the Daily Mail.

This is what Emma thought of the day, click here to read the full Daily Mail article.

‘The clothes made me feel great and fitted me perfectly. Pole fitness makes me confident with my body and I’m glad that Britain’s Got Talent gave me a chance to show that pole fitness is for everyone, regardless of shape or size.’

To read Yours Clothing’s interview with Emma and to see more photos click here.

I hope to work with Emma again soon!