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Crystal Peaks Store Opening by Amy


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As you know Yours Clothing are opening LOADS of new stores at the moment, about one per week if not more! What an amazing weekend I’ve had attending the store opening at crystal peaks shopping centre in Sheffield, with the most amazing team.

I met the Store manager, Wendy who was so nice it wasn’t true, you could tell she loved the brand and loved her customers. Don’t know about you but it is so much better shopping somewhere when you can see the staff working there are happy, all the staff were lovely and helpful. I got down there at 9.30 just in time for the store to open and it looked fab, they have changed the look from the old black stores to a brighter lighter feel and it looks fantastic. It was crazy busy with everyone rushing to get the key looks for this summer. I had four of the ‘new in’ outfits with me, I changed into one outfit, my job was to stand outside where we had goodie bags, balloons, bucks fizz, sweets and vouchers to give out.



It was fabulous chatting to all the wonderful customers about the items they had bought, giving style advice and finding out what is important to them when it comes to buying clothes.

It’s lovely to find out how loyal the customers are, also how obsessed they have become with fashion now it has changed.


I was talking to ladies who are sizes 14 through to size 32 listening to them say how they love to embrace their curves now they can, and how it’s given them back the confidence to be happy with themselves, to feel just as amazing as someone of a smaller size and have learnt to make the best of what they have “well who shouldn’t!”


I cannot believe the huge feedback I got about YOURS opening, everyone loved it saying it’s by far their favourite plus size retailer. They said how it’s given them the confidence to come back and shop again! Yours Clothing giving them all the main aspects, comfort, affordability and fit without compromising on fashion trends, a brilliant array of pieces that are available for a selection of customers from young to mature ladies.



Today made me really proud to be wearing YOURS and to be a curvy lady. With all the lovely comments it’s wonderful to be a part of these changing times, it really gives me a lift on how society is changing in the world of plus size fashion. YOURS clothing has just nailed it! With affordable quality that’s second to none.



Everyone fell in love with all the pieces I had on and couldn’t wait to get their hands on them. I really did feel a million dollars.

Really treat yourself this summer to that glamorous wardrobe and show the world “JUST LOOK AT ME I’M FABULOUS”.


I will be attending so many more store openings so have a look if one is opening near you and stop by and say hello.

Can’t wait to see you there!


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Happy shopping


Love Amy x