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Chloe – The Inspiration Behind My Collection For Yours Clothing


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Read about the inspiration behind Chloe’s collection she designed for Yours Clothing.

Starting designing your first ever collection is horrific. You’re full of ideas and plans of how you’re going to revolutionise fashion and make millions but when it comes down to it, it’s really hard.

When I started researching and sketching up ideas for Yours I was immediately positive that I’d chosen the wrong career path. Although I’d mastered the software everyone else stormed ahead with their collection and before long people had these amazing projects in front of them and all I could do was look down to my rough sketches and ponder if coffee was the answer.

This went on for a quite a while.

With the deadline and my lecturers hanging over me, I began praying that inspiration would suddenly hit me, hard and with trip to Yours Head Quarters, thanks to some divine being, inspiration struck.

As usual I spent the next few nights, awake to the early hours of the morning, on tumblr, this time researching in depth ‘who’ my customer really was. I spoke to so many bloggers who were passionate about plus size fashion and soon I had an archive of information about the woman I wanted to design for. She no longer felt like a company or a website, she was a person with opinions and likes and dislikes. Designing suddenly became really easy and really fun.

I chose to produce a collection that stressed on following the catwalk in the biggest and boldest colours of the season. I wanted my clothes to be a strong as the girls who would wear them.

Taking inspiration from David Koma’s Spring 2013 Prêt à Porter show I took oranges and greens to bring a pop of colour to my collection as well as to stay on trend and stand out.

Following the huge success of the cartoon skater skirt and how much everyone loved the pattern I also decided to draw up a fun cartoon floral pattern that would follow through my collection. Alongside a bold, oversized geometric pattern, which I personally thought was really fun for summer.

It’s this mock collection that got me the opportunity to work with Yours and I’d love to know what you think about it. Leave a comment and tell me you opinion.