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Hi! Debz From The Not So Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess here! I recently visited a Yours Clothing store and thought I would share the experience with you!

Last weekend Lucia ( and I decided to pay a visit to the Yours Clothing store in Derby, Westfields. Lucia has recently moved to Derby and this was my first visit to see her so clothes shopping had to be on the agenda! Actually Derby Westfields is great for plus size shopping and I recommend anyone pop along! The Yours Clothing store is really easy to find and it has such nice bright colours throughout the store that it really stands out.

derby store 1

For me, plus size shopping has improved massively over the years but there is still a massive gap in the high street and not enough places that you can actually try on clothes! Being able to feel fabrics before you buy clothes, see how they stretch and actually try them on is such a novelty and I loved it!

I can’t stress enough how nice the staff in store were! The manager (Nikki) clearly takes pride in the store and was happy for us to walk around, pick clothing up and even chat to her about the store. There were a couple of ladies in store helping customers to pick out items and browse the store. One of the Yours Clothing models (Amy) was even there at the dressings room helping out customers. She is clearly passionate about the clothing and to hear her recommending other colour choices to customers was brilliant!

derby store 2

I love online shopping and all of the avenues that this has opened for plus size shopping is amazing but there really is no substitute for being able to go into a real store and shop! The whole store looks just like any other high street fashion store and that is really what one of the most fantastic things about it is! No one wants to feel different when they shop and I really feel that Yours Clothing is perfect for this!

debz- derby store

If you haven’t been to a Yours Clothing store yet, I really recommend it. I’ll be blogging the outfits I picked up in store over at so come have a nosey!

Debz xx