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Behind The Scenes With Your Fairy Godmother


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Hi everyone, my name is Rebekah and I have recently taken over as the in-house stylist here at Yours Clothing! I am really excited to be giving you lovely ladies style advice, keeping you updated on the latest trends, and sharing some of my experiences with you.

As the newest blogger on the block I thought what better way to start than with a behind the scenes peek into one of our most magical photo shoots to date. A couple of weeks ago it was decided that we wanted a fun way of spreading festive cheer to our customers in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and so we were given the task of creating lots of playful and dreamy imagery of our model Fiona dressed up as your fairy godmother. I am sure by now you have seen your fairy godmother looking pretty in pink and sprinkling fairy dust across our website’s homepage.

Leading up to the day of the shoot we set about planning the outfit and what props we would need for the day. We picked out a pretty pink floral lace dress from our Limited Collection and a silver glittery belt that we knew would work perfectly for the fairy look. Yours Clothing stylist Kayleigh (who has just gone on maternity leave) used her design skills to attach some netting into the dress making the skirt fuller and she also made some amazing fairy wings. We gathered together a fairy wand, a tiara, tinsel, fake snow, presents, and of course lots of glitter!

On the morning of the shoot the atmosphere was high energy, everyone was really excited to be there and ready for the day ahead. Once our model Fiona was all dressed up with cute curls in her hair and gorgeous girly make-up on, she really got into character fluttering about the studio and granting wishes to the Yours team with her wand!


During the shoot we tried lots of different poses against a pink background using various props and always involving glitter or snow! Our model Fiona ended up in some funny poses but she really got into the theme and sometimes the strangest suggestions turn out to create the best shots! At one point, myself and Sophie from the design team were throwing fake snow from either side of the room to create a snow effect for the camera. As the shoot was flowing well we decided to carry on shooting through lunch so that we could get the shots that we needed.

By the end of the shoot everyone was really tired and ready for food, but we were also really pleased with what had been achieved. The studio was covered in snow and glitter and looked like the aftermath of a fairies Christmas party! For me this was the first themed shoot that I had been on for Yours Clothing and it was so much fun, I can’t wait to be part of another one.

I hope you enjoyed hearing a bit about how the shoot came together and be sure to keep an eye out for your fairy godmother who will be bringing you lots of magical treats!

Love Rebekah x

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