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Beat The Heat In a Few Easy Steps


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The weather has caught us all by surprise and each one of us are asking ourselves one question: how do I cool down and keep comfortable?

With our electric bills set to sky rocket from our constantly blowing fans all-over the house, we need to look at easier ways to keep cool during this mighty hot heatwave.

Choose Lightweight Fabrics & Lighter Clothing

An easy one – pick out your most lightweight cotton tops, dresses and shorts. Whether it’s cotton or linen, a floaty fabric will fit loosely and allow that welcomed breeze to cool you down. Already an established colour palette for summer, think lighter colours and soft pastel hues that will reflect the sun and absorb less heat.


Sandal Season

Keep footwear open and breathable. Whatever the style, sandals are an essential during the heat.


Water is KEY

Keeping hydrated is a must, especially during the hot weather. And if the heat is getting a little too much, fill up a spray bottle and spritz yourself with water – or apply ice to your pulse points (neck & wrist) to really cool yourself down.

Hair up or down?

Making sure your hair is kept off your neck and face will keep it from getting sticky and sweaty in the heat. Whether it’s a classic pony tail, a quick tied up bun or pretty plaits – there are so many ways to nail that hair up look.

Tips & Tricks

  • Try putting your pillowcases in the freezer before bed – this will reduce your body temperature and keep you comfortable.
  • Stop the hot heat from entering your home and only open windows when it gets a little cooler in the evening.
  • Place a tray of ice in front of your fan for an extra cool breeze.



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