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Bags of Style!


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Summer is nearly here, and with the sunshine making an appearance this week it’s putting us all in good moods and brighter summary colours are starting to dominate the office again. Now in my world there is no such thing as too many clothes or accessories, which is a good thing when I have just seen the gorgeous bags that Yours Clothing have got in.


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There is nothing better than brightening up your outfit than accessorizing it with a statement bag. Not only are these tote bags in awesome colours, they are big enough for all my essentials and work stuff. The structured style makes them perfect for the office, but will compliment an outfit for all occasions and they are good value at only £16.00.



48376f48374fIn our last blog we wrote about weddings and we have some great bags that are perfect for more formal occasions. Pastel shades are perfect for summer and these shoulder bags are cute and will compliment many outfits and they’re still big enough to hold your lippy, phone and purse.

Now with Yours Clothing planning on opening new stores this year we will definitely be needing a decent shopping bag. These are available in so many different colours and styles and can fit so much stuff in. My personal favourite is the zebra print and so will definitely be added to my basket. The great thing about these bags is that they can double up as beach bags and so we can be colourful and on trend as we try and catch a tan.

So come on, checkout our new bags and let us know which one’s your favourite!