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Backstage Spirit!


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Hi Ladies, it’s the Yours Clothing Stylist Kayleigh here!

A few weeks ago now we shot our Christmas 2014 windows shoot. We’re in October now and it’s getting to that time of the year when we all begin to panic about gifts, shopping, and more importantly what we are going to wear for Christmas parties! So I thought I’d bring you the backstage low down on our shoot and getting into the Christmas spirit early!!

September always seems early to be thinking about Christmas, but when styling for a shoot at the beginning of September, and the sun is shining outside in late August it seems crazy to be looking at what Novelty jumper to include in the shoot! But to be honest it only heightens my excitement for the magical season that’s nearly upon us. With what seemed like hundreds of beautiful sparkling dresses to choose from, I started riffling through the rails to find the prettiest, boldest, and most statement pieces. After seeing the potential products I sat down with the photographer to decide on the themes and styles we wanted to portray!

Firstly Party dresses- this is the biggest theme for Christmas time! Working in an office full of women it’s always a yes when the e-mail about the Christmas party comes out, and talk comes up of what everyone’s wearing! The biggest trend this season on the frock front is definitely inspired by the 20’s- full of sequins and sparkles, flapper style dresses, and fur all created by the hype around the Great Gatsby last year! Wanting to pull this style into our windows a little I decided sequins would be my main focus. Pulling out all over sequin skater dresses, elegant chiffon flappers, beaded tunics and cute shift dresses I loved mixing the textures and tones together. We found a beautiful tonal wallpaper to sit behind them!


Secondly Novelty Christmas jumpers and the one and only onesie- this has been a huge ongoing trend each winter for the past few years. Personally I love it, I always make sure I’ve got a fit for purpose xmas jumper ready for my family Christmas meal! Finding a setting for this wasn’t hard! Last year we had huge Christmas baubles, so this year we took it that step further and had a tonal bokeh setting printed- this looked like either subtle light sparkles In the background, or snowflakes.



Lastly I decided with the huge amount of tartan, skull prints and cool urban accessories that are embracing the highstreet at the moment, and will continue to do so throughout winter that it was important we included this trend! Everywhere at the moment we can see the 90’s grunge trend hitting back and making a strong come back, and for us it’s no different. Wanting to inspire you ladies with this urban trend we decided the best backdrop would be a cool white brick- keeping that same light tonal look throughout the themes, linking them all together. I found PU jackets, little backpacks, tartan scarfs, metallic thread loose knit jumpers, studed tops and biker boots- I have to admit putting these outfits together was the most fun!


When it comes to the morning of a window shoot everyone in the team comes in prepared for anything- these kinds of shoots can become very stressful if something doesn’t end up looking as you’d hoped. But this shoot was different. We had a bright new studio, with more space and all the sets already prepared!! Everyone seemed rather relaxed! We had our model for Yours Clothing -Fiona in and the beautiful Brenna- who wasn’t feeling great but soldiered through with flu tablets on the go and lots of tissues bless her!

The girls know each other well, so having models that are friends- as you can imagine makes it much easier for us- this girls were giggling, having fun and we managed to capture all their natural smiles and laughter on camera! They looked great glammed up in their party wear, and then very cosy in their cute Christmas jumpers, and lastly we ended with the fiercer grungy urban rock trend (we even played 90’s alternative music in background). It was a very relaxed atmosphere in the studio, with props such as a vintage armchair scattered around- this took pride of place for me and was a super comfy chair to sit in!!

I have to admit looking back at the glitz and glam from the shoot it gets me geared up and ready to get my party shoes on this Christmas. And all the accessories will make perfect gifts for friends and family!! All I can say girl’s is 68 days until Christmas!!



Have an amazing weekend!

Love Kayleigh