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8 Easy Random Acts Of Kindness


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We’ve made it through the dark and gloomy month that was January, but now we are midway through February and still feeling a bit down in the dumps. It might be getting a little lighter, but it’s definitely colder – and I think I speak for everyone when I say this is reflecting on our mood.

On this thought (and with Random Acts Of Kindness Day coming up on Monday 17th), let’s all take it upon ourselves to be a little kinder and boost each others moods. Not only do small acts of kindness lift another up, but they will make you feel good too. Up for it? We’ve put together some quick and easy ideas that are sure to make a loved one (and you) feel a little better.

Send a Thoughtful Text

It’s quick and easy. Let someone know you’re thinking about them by sending them a cute message. Even a quick ‘Hi!’ will let them know you’re thinking of them.

Send a Gift

Send a loved one a small gift and let them know they’re on your mind. Whether it’s something cosy they can snuggle up in or an e-voucher so they can choose for themselves, a little surprise is guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

Sit Down & Talk

Sit down and have a conversation. You could make them their favourite meal and have a sit down dinner, or just have a chat over a hot drink. Whatever you do, it’s a great way to show you care.

Do Something Fun

A night in or a night out, cheer up a friend and do something fun. Whether you’re popping on your matching PJ’s or slipping on your stilettos and LBD for a night on the town, spending time with your favourite people is a guaranteed mood booster.

Check out our quick & easy ideas to help someone feel better this Random Act of Kindness Day

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Give a Compliment

We all get a little down about how we look sometimes, whether we’ve woken up to a bad hair day, found our jeans have gotten a little tighter or we’re just not feeling our usual selves. So make sure you compliment where you can, and randomly too – to loved ones and strangers. You think the girl in the bar looks amazing in her dress? Tell her! It’ll make her night. Someone’s done a good job at work? Let them know! Even the smallest compliment will go a long way.

Go Shopping

A little bit of retail therapy never hurt anyone, and it is definitely a good way to cheer someone (or yourself!) up. It doesn’t have to be expensive, especially with our refer a friend scheme – refer a friend and you both get 20% off! Win win.

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Be Positive On Social Media

Spread the love with a tap of a finger and target more than one person with the power of social media. We see so much negativity around social media, whether that’s by viewing hateful comments or comparing our lives to others from their posts. So let’s be the change; let’s use our platforms to share something positive and say something nice. Leave a comment on a strangers post about how great they look, or post a feel-good image and start a conversation. It’s that easy!

Remember To Love Yourself

On from social media, it’s easy to see posts that make you compare your life and your body to others, but remember to be kind and love yourself. Wear the dress you’ve been too scared to wear, post the selfie that you didn’t want to upload in case someone said something negative, or treat yourself to some sexy lingerie and embrace your body. Start with being positive in yourself and everything else will follow.


What’s one random act of kindness you’ll be carrying out? Head over to our social channels and let us know by using the hashtag #ThisIsYours!

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