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5 UK Bloggers Tell Us What The Plus Size Market Is Missing In 2017…


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plus size curve fashion blogger


Firstly, more clothing stores where we can go in and try on our clothing. This is so important as it allows us to assess how we will look in items of clothing rather than assuming via an online order (usually depicted on a perfectly proportioned model) and having to faff about with returns. Most of the clothing companies in my town do not cater for Plus Size, and if they do it is a VERY small part of the shop. It should be much easier for us to shop in all stores and not be limited to a select area.

The plus size market is definitely missing out on more athletic gear. Athletic gear is not just for working out. It is now a huge trend that can be worn daily with a whole mix of items of clothing. Most plus size companies are limited to loose fitting joggers, and number/ letter printed tops. It would be great to see some printed leggings in the right material that are bold statement pieces as opposed to the plain black ones available. If these could be tailored to fit girls like me with ‘tree trunk legs’ then that would just be marvelous.

plus size curve fashion blogger


I feel that the plus-size market is lacking in both variation and diversity. There isn’t enough variation for plus-size folk to choose from with the options that are available these days. Gone are the days of plus-size women wearing tent-like clothes to hide or “compliment” our figures. Our bodies are glorious just like our smaller counterparts and we deserve more current, younger and edgier trends to choose from. This also extends to the lack of diversity in plus size models.  Women of all shapes and sizes would benefit from seeing garments portrayed on body types that are more relatable to each of us.

Whilst I do feel that it is fantastic to see women of a larger size on the catwalks modelling clothing, it would be fantastic to incorporate women who are not the conventional model shape, size and height so we can see how the item will actually look on us. This should be widespread across the media and not something that we should shy away from, women come in all different shapes and sizes, so why not capitalise on that fact. In terms of trends, the USA is far ahead of the UK in terms of bold and daring plus size fashion choices for women, we need to catch up.

plus size curve fashion blogger


I think that the plus size market is missing bras for girls that are a size 26+ with small boobs. For example, if I were to look for a bra on any site and the highest band for the bra is a 50, and I click on the option for a B-cup (and there is usually no option for an A-cup) for the cup size, I go from having about a hundred options to three. While I would be thankful that this is at least available, I think it’s time that I shouldn’t have to be “thankful” that something comes in my size. Not every plus size woman has big breasts. I’d have to size down and add a bra extension just to fit the right cups and I actually have done this! There have been times a few years back – and thankfully now there’s a bit more diversity in bras available to me – I had to buy a 44c when I was a 46b and buy an extension. Even then I would be spilling out at the sides and over the bra. It’s uncomfortable and feels unflattering so PLEASE someone out there make a bra that fits girls 26+ with smaller boobs.

plus size curve fashion blogger


I wish that more plus size clothing was available on the high street as opposed to online. It can be a real pain in the derriere to shop online: having to wait for your item to be delivered, guesstimating what size you’ll be or having to take the plunge based on how an items looks on a website. If the item is everything you’d dreamt of, BINGO!  If not (which is more often the case) returning parcels and waiting for refunds is extra hassle that you can do without. I love that with Yours you have the option to shop online and get in on the New In and Limited Collection and also collect and return in store – the staff in store are always more than happy to order in extra sizes if they don’t have the item in stock to exchange. This means less trips to the post office!

Demand for leading trend pieces and fast fashion in plus sizes has been so great that I feel like sometimes quality wardrobe staples are often ignored. A classic LBD, a white shirt for any occasion, a camel trench coat etc… the pieces you wouldn’t mind paying a little bit more for because you want them to a) fit perfectly and b) stand the test of time. Trend led pieces are great (come at me!) but I want the option all year round of shopping for my wardrobe staples.

plus size curve fashion blogger


The plus size market is missing a trick when it comes to bras for women who have a large back size but a small cup size. Most bras that are large in the back start at a DD cup which I can’t fill and neither can many plus size women who speak to me about the same issue. The same goes for padding, as I can never find a padded bra in a large back with a small cup size either.

A padded bra is particularly useful for women of my shape as I’m very out of proportion and my stomach is far larger and wider than my bust area. In turn, this can improve the appearance of some clothing styles on my figure and it encourages me to buy and try a wider variety of styles that may not have suited my bust or cleavage before wearing the padded bra.

The lack of large back, small cup sized bras, together with the scarce variety in padding and styles means that I always have an ill-fitting bra as I end up having to buy a bra with the right sized cup but a far smaller back size and pop a bra extender or two in the back!

The plus size market is also severely lacking in the variety of body shapes and sizes in modelling. While the industry standard for a plus size model is smaller and far more in proportion than the average plus size woman, that doesn’t mean that that is the only size and shape of woman than a brand can use; we are all valid.

As an example, apple shaped women and those with a larger, lower tummy are very underrepresented in plus size modelling, on clothing websites and even on the social media pages of brands. So many women in the UK have this shape yet it can feel as though there are only a few acceptable plus size body shapes. It would be great to see clothes on all shapes, regardless of size, so that everyone could have a better idea of what something would look like on them. More inspiration equals more shopping after all!